The Currency Show

Nov 1, 2011

We're still a long way from becoming a "cashless" society, and maybe we never will be one, because the phrase freaks some people out. Cashless society means, to them, some kind of mark or implant on your hand or head and a surrendering of freedom and control to a shadowy blobby new world order. But there are changes in the world of currency and tender, legal and otherwise. Several online worlds have spawned their own currencies which can, in turn, be spent in the physical world under certain circumstances. 

And today, you'll hear about bitcoins, which didn't arise from Second Life or world of Warcraft but from a conscious effort by a mysterious founder to create a new dedicated currency. We're also talking to an advocate of penny abolition and a member of Occupy George, which add messages from the 99 percent to dollar bills. We'll even tell you about  how and where you can turn in your loose change.

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