Courant: O’Garro’s Wife Felt He Would Kill Her

Nov 18, 2013

Earl O'Garro.
Credit Fortnight Journal

Hartford Courant columnist Kevin Rennie broke news this weekend that Earl O'Garro had been arrested by state police earlier this month.

Now, the Courant has confirmed that O'Garro's wife, Kendra O'Garro, told state police in October that "her husband had threatened to kill her." According to the Courant, the police report includes allegations about guns, threats, and infidelity. Also, Rennie has more info -- including the warrant itself.

O'Garro is the man at the center of a federal grand jury investigation into $670,000 in missing taxpayer money. He also has business ties to the family of Hartford Treasurer Adam Cloud. Just how well the men know each other isn't exactly clear

Earl O'Garro has filed for divorce. Read the warrants and you'll see he tells a different story than his wife. According to the warrant, Earl O'Garro told police his wife was capable of making up allegations to try to get him arrested.

We've left a message for Earl O'Garro's attorney.