Conversions: Not My Parents' Religion

Jul 12, 2012

Ingrid converted from lapsed Catholicism to Islam. Leah from high profile atheism to Catholicism. Soshanna from Christianity to Judaism to Wicca. Andrew from unbelief to the Unification Church. 

They're all on the show today as we explore the notion of conversion. For some it comes in a flash, as in the vision the emperor Constantine supposedly had. For others, it's more like a gulp of cool water while in the throes of a fiery personal crisis, as in the conversation of Augustine of Hippo. But what's conversion like in the U.S. in 2012? This is an unusually heterogeneous society with unparalleled religious freedom. You can choose any religious life you want. Is that what people do? And what makes them want to leave their old faith? As a Woody Allen character says, explaining his conversion to Catholicism to his parents, "I got off on the wrong foot with Judaism."  Leave your comments below, email colin@wnpr.org, or tweet us @wnprcolin.