A Conversation With Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson

A few months ago, I was asked to be part of a panel discussion about politics, and sat next to Hamden Mayor Scott Jackson.

During the panel, he said something that you don’t often hear out of municipal leaders in Connecticut -- that maybe one of our problems is that we have too many towns, or at least not enough cooperation between the ones we do have.

Regionalization -- it’s sometimes a dirty word in towns that value their “home rule” -- but it’s also seen as increasingly necessary as a way to provide public services at the best possible cost.

Mayor Jackson is uniquely poised to lead a conversation about regionalization in our state. His “first-ring” suburb has changed substantially since he was growing up there. It’s on the front-lines of urban-suburban tensions with it’s neighbor, New Haven, and town-gown tensions with the rapidly-growing Quinnipiac University.

This hour, we talk with Mayor Jackson about some of his ideas.


  • Scott Jackson - Mayor of Hamden