Converging Arts & Ideas: Corsets, Bikes, Science and A String Quartet

Jun 18, 2013

We’re broadcasting live today from The Study at Yale - it’s an annual trip that we make to the International Festival of Arts and Ideas.

As usual, this year’s lineup features a wide array of performances and discussions from a “comic-rap-scrap metal musical” to a talk about our hunter-gatherer past.

Today, we’ll talk with some other artists and big-thinkers about the role of New Haven in this festival and the intersection of arts and ideas.

We’ll be joined by science writer Carl Zimmer, who’s a science columnist for the New York Times

We’ll also be joined by some members of A Broken Umbrella Theatre whose latest production looks at the intersection of corsets and bicycles in 1800s New Haven.

And our house band for this morning....the String Quartet Truck will also be playing across the city...yes, on the back of a flatbed truck!

For a full schedule of events, check out the schedule here.