Controversial Judge Withdraws Reappointment Request

Jun 4, 2014

Credit Kuzma/iStock / Thinkstock

A superior court judge whose bid for reappointment had sparked controversy has withdrawn her name from consideration, according to The Hartford Courant.

Curtissa Cofield has served two disciplinary suspensions since 2009. She had previously requested reappointment to the bench for a further eight years. The Courant reported that Cofield has written to the state Judicial Selection Commission withdrawing her application.

Cofield was the first African American woman to be appointed as a judge in Connecticut in 1991. Her first suspension five years ago involved a drunk driving arrest; the second, last year, was for allowing child protection cases to go unheard past the legal deadline.

Cofield will remain on the bench until the expiry of her current term next year.