Connecticut's State Innovation Model for Health Care

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The last few months have seen the Affordable Care Act rollout, and the well-publicized problems with websites and signups. Connecticut’s Health Exchange has been doing much better than the rest of the country, but getting people signed up is only one part of the massive health care overhaul in the country.

For months, a 20-person steering committee has been meeting to discuss how you get your health care, and how your doctor is paid for that. It’s called the State Innovation Model, an initiative through the Federal Government provide up to $300 million dollars to states “to support the development and testing of state-based models for multi-payer payment and health care delivery system transformation.”

What does that mean? This hour, we’re going to find out. State Healthcare Advocate Vicki Veltri joins us to explain what this model for health reform will do.

And we’ll answer questions from patient advocates - who say that some of the ideas meant to save money might be compromising patient health.


  • Vicki Veltri, State Healthcare Advocate
  • Dr. Robert McLean, Physician at Yale New Haven Hospital and member of the clinical faculty at Yale University School of Medicine
  • Pat Baker, President and CEO of the Connecticut Health Foundation 
  • Ellen Andrews, Executive Director of the CT Health Policy Project