Connecticut's Legislature Wraps Up The Session

Jun 5, 2013

The state legislative session is wrapping up with a budget deal that many observers say is full of “promises and gimmicks.” Ned Lamont, the former gubernatorial candidate agreed in a recent op-ed and he joins us with his own budget prescriptions.

Mark Pazniokas of the Connecticut Mirror and Christine Stuart of CT News Junkie have spent many sleepless nights following the marathon sessions of the last few weeks. They update us on what got passed and what didn’t.

Plus, former Governor John Rowland is back in the news after a court ruling that may affect how the current governor and those to follow might be able to do their jobs.

And how much are the 2014 elections influencing the actions at the capitol today?

What They're Saying About the State Budget:

  • "They have a budget. It's a budget that is full of things. It's full of a lot of gimmicks, it's full of a bunch of one-shot revenues. But they did reach a budget. They reached a budget on time. It preserves basic services in Connecticut and let's be honest. It's a political document that sets the stage for the 2014 re-election race of Governor Dannel Malloy." - Mark Pazniokas
  • "It's a terrible disappointment just because the governor and the legislature did all the things they said they weren't going to do." - Ned Lamont
  • "It's unclear at the moment if this budget will be the solution of the future. We thought the budget where we raised more than $1.5 billion in taxes was going to solve the problem for the future, for this year and it didn't." - Christine Stuart

What They're Saying About the Freedom of Information Exemptions Coming Out of Newtown:

  • "Does this set a precedent? The release of this information is so that media organizations can hold police departments accountable for things that happen, or even just to document events." - Christine Stuart
  • "I would err on the side of the parents. I think the horrific nature of this crime requires that type of sensitivity." - Ned Lamont
  • "You look at the Trayvon Martin case in Florida. The police, the prosecution, they were not going to charge or prosecute his killer. Then the 911 tapes came out and it really created public pressure on the authorities to act." - Mark Pazniokas
  • It's very important for people to see what the effect was, of privately-owned weapons. Every single one of those weapons that was used was legally purchased. Seeing the crime scene photos will cause people to have a visceral reaction, and influence public opinion in order to increase public opinion, fighting for improved gun control." - Listener phone call from Cheri

What They're Saying About Loosening Spending Laws on Elections for Political Parties:

  • "This was all about a bunch of state senators who were terrified by a last minute dump of money." - Mark Pazniokas on lawmakers who supported the bill after the last election
  • "As an independent guy who is not really part of the big political party, when you're running that way against an incumbent, you are challenging the political parties and now this is going to be a lot more money going to political parties, it makes them more powerful." - Ned Lamont
  • "They are publicly ignoring it. They are like this never even happened. Nobody is talking about it publicly. Then they're answer is to throw more money in politics." Christine Stuart on the influence of the Robert Braddock Jr. trial on this law