Connecticut's Cold Cases

Sep 20, 2013

We know about some of the famous cold cases – the JonBenét Ramsey case, the Zodiac Killer and Jack the Ripper. But there are hundreds of thousands of cold cases throughout the country and most of them don’t get nearly the same amount of attention.

On Where We Live, we talk to someone who follows cold cases in Connecticut and with the parents of a man who has been missing for a decade. How much time is spent working on these cold cases? And how has technology changed the way they’re solved?

Senator Chris Murphy also called-in to talk about "Billy's Law," which he is trying to pass through the U.S. Senate. It is designed to assist families who are searching for missing loved ones.

We'll hear from a law enforcement officer from the New Britain Police Department. They recently identified the remains of Joyvaline Martinez, which were found in 2007. 


  • Terry Sutton - Editor of CTColdCases.com
  • Jan and William Smolinski - Parents of Billy Smolinski, who has been missing for nearly 10 years
  • Lt. Darren Pearson - New Britain Police Department
  • Sen. Chris Murphy - Democratic U.S. Senator
  • M. William Phelps - Investigative journalist and true-crime author