Connecticut Tops List of "Outbound" States

Jan 3, 2014

It's long been a source of worry that Connecticut has more people leaving the state than coming in. Now there's fresh confirmation of the trend.

Atlas Van Lines, a national moving company, couldn't really be closer to the action when it comes to migration patterns. Each year, it tracks how many households it moved from state to state, and comes up with national data to show which states have more inbound or more outbound moves.

Connecticut patterns of in and out migration since 2004
Credit Atlas Van Lines

Atlas said that in 2013, Connecticut had the highest percentage of outbound moves of any state: 60 percent of the people the company moved in Connecticut -- 1,230 moves -- were crossing out of the state. By contrast, just 825 households moved into the state from elsewhere.

Atlas defines an outbound state as one that has more than 55 percent of its moves leaving the state. By that measure, Connecticut has seen out migration for most of the last decade, and progressively fewer people moving in in the last three years, especially.

Atlas reported that across the nation, most states were balanced evenly between inbound and outbound moves. It also said that the number of total moves went up, something it said could be an indicator of an improving economy.