Connecticut’s bell man runs for U.S. Senate…in Kentucky

Jul 25, 2013

Remember Matt Bevin? He’s the owner of East Hampton, Connecticut’s Bevin Brothers bell factory. It burned down last year and received tons of support from the community – both emotional and financial support.

Some of that financial support may come back to bite Matt Bevin.

After the fire, Bevin’s bell factory and its sister company, PSI Plus received $200,000 from the state of Connecticut to help it rebuild. The problem? Bevin is running as a Tea Party candidate.

Today, Bevin officially announced he is challenging Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell in a primary.

It didn’t take long for the negative attack ads to start. The primary vote is still nearly 300 days away.

And McConnell’s campaign was ready to fire back against “Bailout Bevin.”

Voters don't go to the polls in this race for another 300 days and this could be a bruiser. Have fun Kentucky.