Connecticut Remains Blue

Nov 7, 2012

Big turnout, long lines, and an enthusiasm for voting that had not been predicted were the stories of yesterday’s election day in Connecticut and across the nation.

When it was over, Democrats kept control of the Presidency and the Senate - with the addition of a new face, Chris Murphy.

Murphy’s win over Linda McMahon - in what was expected to be a close race, but wasn’t - kept the state’s congressional delegation all Democratic. In the race to replace him, Democrat Elizabeth Esty beat Republican Andrew Roraback, and the other members of the Connecticut delegation - in less competitive races - all pulled out substantial victories.

But, by far, the biggest story of the night - a decisive win by President Barack Obama in a race that many saw as a tossup. 

Today, we'll talk with political science professors Renny Fulco from Trinity College and Shayla Nunnally from UConn.

On WNPR's Where We Live, Connecticut GOP chairman Jerry Labriola, Jr. said he's already looking ahead to the next big election-season. "Listen, 2014 begins today," he said.

One of the winners on Tuesday night, Elizabeth Esty, attributed her success to a grassroots campaign that "was absolutely necessary to cut through this barrage of TV ads," she said on WNPR.