Connecticut Rejects Individual Health Policy Fix

Nov 22, 2013

Governor Dannel Malloy extended the health care enrollment deadline to December 22.
Credit Patrick Skahill / WNPR

Governor Dannel Malloy said he will not allow insurance companies to renew non-compliant health plans in Connecticut, rejecting President Obama's fix announced last week. The President left it to states to decide whether to adopt his change, which was a response to news that hundreds of thousands of people across the country had received insurance cancelation notices. 

In announcing his decision, Malloy acknowledged that state residents are frustrated with the situation, but he doesn't believe the solution will work for Connecticut. He said even if canceled policies were allowed to go forward, rates on them would likely rise significantly. New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Vermont have all made the same decision. 

In order to allow people whose policies have been canceled time to get insured through the state's health exchange, Malloy said he will extend the enrollment deadline to December 22.

The Governor also issued a memo from the state's insurance department that gives a breakdown of individual policies in Connecticut.