Connecticut League of Conservation Voters Releases Citizen Transportation Guide

Sep 19, 2012

The Connecticut League of Conservation Voters has offered their vision for a better statewide transportation system. 

Getting Where You Want to Go takes a comprehensive look at transportation in the state - what works, what doesn't, and solutions that will help ease traffic congestion, while preserving Connecticut's natural resources and sense of community.  The group sees traffic congestion as Connecticut's number one transportation problem, an issue that folds into other problems like pollution, health, urban sprawl, and loss of worker productivity. The CTLCV's Kirsten Griebel: "Our current transportation system impacts all those areas, which is why our organization decided to take a good, hard look at transportation and its impact on environment, public health issues, and the economy. Looking at it, what we found was that although most people understand and recognize those connections in a broad sense, most people think transportation issues are just too daunting, and that there's no way for one person to make a difference." The guide says the state should focus on transportation projects that link trains, buses, bike lanes, and sidewalks with neighborhoods and towns, giving commuters more choices than just hopping in the car. The CTLCV cites the New Britain to Hartford rapid bus line now under construction, and the proposed New Haven to Springfield high speed rail as good examples. The guide also encourages citizens to become familiar with the conservation and transportation plans for their own municipality, work with local volunteers to encourage more walking and biking opportunities, and take other steps to reduce car reliance like carpooling, and using public transit one day a week. You can download the guide online at conservationeducation.org.