Connecticut Garden Journal: Gifts for Gardeners

Dec 15, 2016

Oh by gosh by golly, it's time of gifts for your favorite gardener. I may not be much of a singer, but I know gifts a gardener in the family might like.

Gardeners are practical folk, but they also can be particular. I don't think I'd buy my gardening wife a hand pruner without her permission. It's a real personal decision.

But there are other gifts that you might go out on a limb and try.

While you may not buy the hand pruner, you might by a pruner holster. These leather pouches fit on a belt and make carrying, and not losing, your pruners a snap.

While talking about carriers, look at various tool carrier belts that wrap around your body or a bucket.

One of my most indispensable garden accessories is a plastic garden tubtrug. They are lightweight, brightly colored, and flexible containers, that can hold up to 11 gallons of weeds, compost, tools, and pretty much anything else you need to haul around.

Garden decorations kind of fall in the same category as garden tools when it comes to gift giving.

While I might like a bottle tree, illuminating container, or colorful gazing balls, my gardening wife might think they are gaudy.

However, it's hard to go wrong with plants. Amaryllis, succulents, and air plants are all fun, attractive, small, and durable, so that they can become part of the indoor landscape in your home.

Finally, when in doubt, go for a gift certificate. I know it might be a guy's easy way out, but I've never seen a gardener refuse some cash for shopping at their favorite garden center.

Next week on the Connecticut Garden Journal, I'll be talking about air plants. Until then, I'll be seeing you in the garden.