Connecticut Eccentricities Revisited

Dec 14, 2012

Today we revisit our show on Connecticut eccentricities, looking into all the nooks and crannies that make the state unique. We’ll answer burning questions like: What’s the real story behind the name “Nutmeg State”? What do you call yourself if you’re from Connecticut? We’ll talk about whether every town in CT really has a Prospect Street.

What makes your town unique or puzzling? What local history is important about where you live? What makes you proud to be in your part of Connecticut? 

Everyone has a little Connecticut history - and idiosyncrasy - to share. What are the quirky aspects of the state we call home? What makes your town unique?

We also want to hear nicknames for our cities and towns - The Rose City? Silk City?

Our guests today are Johnna Kaplan of The Size of Connecticut, Stephen Wood of Connecticut Museum Quest, and Bill Faude, author of Hidden History of Connecticut.