Connecticut Debuts Innovative New Double Snow Plows

Nov 29, 2016

Clearing Connecticut highways of snow and ice will be quicker and  more efficient this winter, thanks to a fleet of innovative new snow plows. 

The new plow is towed in the rear of a plow truck, which swings out mechanically, essentially doubling the plowing capability of a regular plow to two full highway lanes in a single pass.

Governor Dannel Malloy told reporters on Tuesday in East Hartford that the new plow can do the work of three traditional plows, which in turn will save the state money on snow removal.

Malloy urged motorists to be safe this winter, especially when the new plows are clearing roads.

"If you don't have to be on the road in a snowstorm, don't be on the road," Malloy said. "But with all of this new equipment that we have, we're also asking people to be very aware of that equipment. If you see a double plow, stay well behind it. Don't assume you can pass it, because it's a double plow."

Malloy said the three new plows have a number of safety features, like rear and side mounted cameras and lights that illuminate the plow area.