Connecticut Businesses to State Government: "Fix Our Roads"

Dec 12, 2013

Business leaders said in a new survey that their top priority for transportation in Connecticut is addressing overcrowded roads.

The Connecticut Business and Industry Association asked its members about their transportation concerns. Fifty-five percent say the state should be improving and expanding highways. They said the poor condition of Connecticut's infrastructure limits their markets, as well as their ability to attract and retain workers.

Fifty-three percent of CBIA's responding members said Connecticut's transportation systems are "very important" for the movement of their goods and services.
Credit Connecticut Business and Industry Association

To make improvements, they say Connecticut should stop raiding its Special Transportation Fund to cover budget shortfalls. But according to CBIA's Peter Gioia, there will always be tensions between improving transportation and escalating government spending.

"The fiscal problem that we talk about is intertwined," he said, "and whereas we in the business community do want them to control their budget and long-term spending, we also don't want them to ignore transportation because there are serious business costs that come about if your transportation system doesn't work."

Seventy-two percent of companies in the survey said recent increases in gas and diesel taxes had an impact on their business.