Connecticut Attorney General Jepsen Announces Re-election Bid

Apr 7, 2014

Connecticut Attorney General George Jepsen announced Monday he will run for a second term.
Credit WCSU_0117 / Creative Commons

Connecticut's Attorney General George Jepsen announced that he will run for a second term. He made the announcement Monday morning on WTIC-AM. "I'm thrilled," Jepsen told WTIC's Ray Dunaway. "I've really had a wonderful time, and it's just been such an incredible honor to serve the people of Connecticut."

The incumbent Democrat said his proudest first-term accomplishment was his participation in the national mortgage settlement, a deal struck between 49 Attorneys General and five major mortgage service providers to help homeowners who have fallen behind on their mortgages. "That has brought $25 billion of relief nationally to distressed homeowners," Jepsen said. "In Connecticut, it brought in about $650 million to assist homeowners who were behind in their payments."

Jepsen also touted the hard work of the 200 attorneys working in his office, saying the people of Connecticut are well-served by his staff.

George Jepsen is a former state senator from Stamford, and has served as head of the Connecticut Democratic Party.

So far, only one opponent has stepped forward to challenge Jepsen. Southbury lawyer Kie Westby is seeking the Republican nomination for Attorney General, saying he wants to limit the power and size of government.