The Compelling Life Of Michael Bolton

Sep 4, 2013

Michael Bolton has reinvented himself many times. A few years ago, he cut off his trademark hair.  He put out an album of opera arias and another of American Songbook Standards. But probably his biggest challenge was dealing with his image as a romantic icon so permanently rooted in the dead center of the mainstream that poking fun at him became an easy way for people who really weren't all that cool to prove they were at least cool enough to reject Michael Bolton.

Michael Bolton.
Credit Alterna2, Flickr Creative Commons

You can't lay a thing like that completely to rest, but Bolton came close in 2011 when he hooked up with the Saturday Night Live trio of rap wannabes known as Lonely Planet  for a video. Here, the joke was Bolton's obsession with "Pirates of the Caribbean." It was joke he was very much in on, and -- 100 million YouTube views later --  it changed the way people see him. So what else is there that you didn't know about Bolton? Find out on today's show.

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