Commissioner: End Of SALT Deduction Could Cost Connecticut Taxpayers More Than $13 Billion

Nov 14, 2017

Connecticut’s Commissioner of Revenue Services says Republicans’ efforts to reform the federal tax system are fundamentally flawed. 

Kevin Sullivan calls the proposed legislation in the House and Senate, a partisan rush to judgment.

According to Sullivan, the elimination of the state and local tax deduction discriminates against states in the Northeast.

“For Connecticut tax payers - mostly middle income tax payers - that’s about $13.8 billion, and that’s a lot for folks to not be able to deduct," he told WNPR. "For middle income tax payers it will clearly increase the amount of federal tax they will pay. And in Connecticut, since we are already one of those donor states, which means that we pay far more in already than we get back from the federal government, that only makes that worse.”

He also says the tax cut plans will grow the federal deficit significantly over coming decades, which may lead to pressure to cut funding for programs like Medicaid.