Colin McEnroe Show: Good Friends Of The CMS

Apr 7, 2011

Luanne Rice has written 28 novels, many of them bestsellers, with translations into 24 languages and five TV adaptations.

She's a bi-coastal literary force, welcome in and familiar with the power corridors of New York publishing and the L.A. entertainment industry.

She's also, as I can attest, in many ways still the girl who grew up in New Britain and spent summers in Old Lyme - the daughter of a man who sold typewriters. Luanne's fiction usually has a strong Connecticut component, which is one reason I like to have her on as a guest. The other reason is that she's kind of family. She was one of the early supporters of this show and has been a frequent guest. And in just the way I like having the listeners grow familiar and comfortable with panelists on The Nose, I like the idea that you'll come to know some our regulars Like Luanne and musician Grayson Hugh, who's also back with us today.

Read an excerpt from The Silver Boat.

Hear Grayson Hugh's "I'll See You On The Radio"

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