Cinematic Titanic Carries On Mystery Science Theater 3000's Legacy

Feb 2, 2012

Today we have what I think of as the Terry Gross Problem.

I'm always impressed by the way Terry Gross just leads with her own pop culture tastes and doesn't seem to worry too much about whether her audience is on the same page. She'll do a whole show interviewing people from the show "Justified"  and just count on her audience to roll along with her, whether they watch "Justified" or not. 

That's us today. We've got some of the creators of "Mystery Science Theater 3000" with us because they're in Hartford with a new live comedy vehicle called Cinematic Titanic. For us, it's a huge deal. Especially for me. I think I can safely say there has never been anything that made me laugh as dangerously hard as MST3K.  But for you? I might have to work a little extra hard to bring you along and get you to see why this unusual style of humor is so special to us. And maybe you'll meet me halfway. A guy and two robots making fun of old bad movies.  I know. It doesn't leap out at you. Bear with us after the news.

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