Chinese Olympic Coaches and Trainers Visit UConn

Oct 16, 2013

A delegation of Chinese Olympic coaches, trainers, and physicians will spend the next few days at the University of Connecticut's Kinesiology Department, learning about the latest research in sports science. The department is regarded as one of the best in the country. UConn professors will speak to the delegation about research on injury rehabilitation, sports nutrition, training, hydration, and particular concerns facing female athletes.

Dr. Carl Maresh, head of the department, said the Chinese coaches, trainers and physicians are quite accomplished in their own right, but came to UConn looking for the very latest innovations. "The research and knowledge we have in the most effective training regimens is of real interest to them," Maresh said. "Our nutritional research is also well-recognized world-wide. Things that we have done on the timing of nutrients is very important to them."

It won't be all lectures and research for the Chinese delegation. On Tuesday, they met UConn women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma at Geno's Grille in Storrs, and watched the UConn men's soccer match against Columbia University.