The Changing Landscape of Latino America

Maria Hinojosa, host of NPR's Latino USA.
Credit santiagostudio.com

On Wednesday, a discharge petition was introduced by House Democrats in an attempt to force a vote on immigration reform. It’s an effort that is not likely to succeed, requiring the signatures of House Republicans, who have been stalwart in their opposition of immigration legislation. 

The overall lack of a real federal plan to address immigration is one of the many paradoxes facing the Latino community today. As President Obama pushes reform, detainment and deportation of undocumented immigrants has continued. And even though the Latino population is seen as a growing economic and political force, it still holds a disproportionately small number of seats at the table when it comes to making laws or running business.

This hour, we are joined by award-winning journalist and NPR host Maria Hinojosa, of Latino USA and panel of local experts to discuss the challenges facing America’s growing and diversifying Latino community.


  • Maria Hinojosa - Award-winning journalist and host of NPR's Latino USA
  • Diane Alverio - Publisher of CT Latino News 
  • Orlando Rodriguez - Senior Policy Fellow at Connecticut Voices for Children and Member of the Progreso Latino Fund
  • Isaias Diaz - Attorney and Associate at Dressler Strickland in Hartford and Former Chairman of the Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission