A Century Later, The Memories Of World War I Soldiers Preserved

Apr 6, 2017

April 6, 2017 marks 100 years since the United States officially entered the First World War — igniting the journey for thousands of young men to the deadly trenches of Europe.

This hour, we learn about the soldiers and hear how Connecticut was one of just a few states with records that explained how some of these men viewed their service. 

We also explore the role of segregated units in World War I. Have you heard of the Harlem Hellfighters? We learn about an Albany railway station porter who fought in this regiment and became a hero.

And we hear state residents share stories of their relatives who fought in the Great War — including a Guilford man who discovered letters from his great uncle — a Connecticut soldier killed on the last day of the war.

Do you know the stories of family members who fought in World War I?


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