Catching Up With Jackson Browne

Jul 3, 2013

Rock and roll was invented with no real expectation that its practitioners would ever age. Finding a way to grow older with a guitar strapped to your torso requires some special thought and effort.  Jackson Browne did it by slowing down his musical output and accelerating his involvement in environmentalism, international humanitarian causes and American politics.  You could argue Browne personified that singer-songwriter movements of the 70s. His lyrics were both confessional and enigmatic, with a literacy that made him a demi-god on college campuses. You'll hear him today in an interview we recorded Monday. We thought it would be only part of today's show, but Jackson had so many things to say that, after an hour, we seemed to be just warming up. A caveat: the phone connection will sound bad at  first, but we fixed it. So stay with us.