Car Chase Ends Fatally; Helicommute a No Go; Hill's Double Release

Oct 4, 2013

As we mourn the passing of legendary Connecticut photojournalist Bill Eppridge today -- he was 75 -- we're also thinking at The Wheelhouse Digest about the bizarre incident in Washington, D.C. on Thursday that ended fatally, when a Stamford woman tried to drive through a barrier toward the White House. More on that and our dashed hopes about commuting by helicopter below.


A secret service car near a gate accessing the White House.
Credit TCY / Wikimedia Commons

A Stamford woman rammed the gates at the White House, with a toddler in tow.

Officials identified the driver in yesterday's incident as 34-year old Miriam Carey, a dental hygienist from Stamford. She was fatally shot by police. A toddler was in the car with her, who police say is in protective custody in good condition. The FBI is serving a search warrant in Stamford, where police cordoned off a condominium building. Her motive remains unclear. 

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Credit Wilhelm Joys Andersen / Wikimedia Commons

But who needs train service, really?

Ray Leavitt, CEO of EvoLux Transportation in Stamford, had hoped for expedited approval for a temporary helio pad in Stamford during the disruption in Metro-North train service. Commuters fed up with train trouble could opt to speed through the air as an alternative to get to New York City. Stamford allows helicopters to land for emergency medical travel and VIP visits, but would have to change an ordinance banning helicopter landings in the city to accommodate the request -- and so far, no go. Metro-North service continues today at about 65 percent capacity. 

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Credit Daigo Oliva / Wikimedia Commons

Her release coincides with a new song decrying corporate greed.

Rapper Lauryn Hill is released from prison later today after serving three months for tax evasion. To celebrate, she's releasing something else, too: a new single called "Consumerism." Listen below.

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