Call Center Worker on Leave for Access Health CT Data Breach

Jun 9, 2014

Credit zimmytws/iStock / Thinkstock

Connecticut's health insurance exchange said the owner of a backpack found on a Hartford street containing Social Security numbers and other data works for a call center vendor, and has been placed on administrative leave. 

Access Health said on Sunday that the unidentified employee of Maximus, the call center, stepped forward after hearing about the backpack on local news Friday.

The backpack contained four paper notepads with hand-written names, fewer than 200 Social Security numbers, and dates of birth for about 400 individuals. The health exchange said it does not appear there was malfeasance by the employee.

Spokeswoman Lisa Miles said Maximus is reinforcing security and training policies and procedures. She said the employee violated company policy that forbids the removal of personal data.

Miles said Maximus has no reason to believe information was misused.