A Brother in Photos; a Father Grieves; Best Friends

Oct 18, 2013

The Wheelhouse Digest today turns to family matters as we recover from a recent overdose of political craziness. Two brothers from Connecticut visited WNPR to talk about a unique book of photographs to be released on October 30. And Newtown resident Jimmy Greene talked with The New York Times about grieving for the loss of his daughter by continuing his work as a musician. That and more below.


Chris and Nick Capozziello visited WNPR.
Credit Chion Wolf / WNPR

A relationship, and an experience with cerebral palsy, in photographs.

Photojournalist Christopher Capozziello, of Milford, has been documenting his twin brother Nick for years, and now the images are published in a new book, The Distance Between Us. Nick has cerebral palsy, and the photos capture the brothers' relationship as well as the ups and downs of Nick's experience. The two appeared Friday on WNPR's Where We Live.  

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Jimmy Greene at a University of Hartford event in April.
Credit Chion Wolf / WNPR

Jazz artist Jimmy Greene describes keeping his daughter's spirit alive.

Newtown residents and Hartford natives Jimmy Greene and Nelba Marquez-Greene lost their daughter, Ana, on December 14 last year. But Greene has been very public about his efforts to continue to create and perform music as a way of grieving, coming to terms, and keeping his daughter "on the tip of our tongues."

Read more at The New York Times.


Friends Starr Cookman, left, and Kylee Moreland Fenton stopped by StoryCorps in Hartford.
Credit StoryCorps

Two friends recount to StoryCorps how their closeness saved a son's life.

Friends Starr Cookman and Kylee Moreland Fenton, who grew up together and were captured on tape by StoryCorps during a visit to Hartford, talked about being "two sides of the same heart." Their intuitive link helped to assure that Cookman's son, Rowan, made a life-saving trip to the hospital as an infant. 

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