Broccoli is Best!

Feb 26, 2014

Credit whologwy, Flickr Creative Commons

Somehow, kale has become trendy in the last few years, although its moment in the sun seems to be almost over. How did a thing like that happen? Would it be possible to infuse an old standby like broccoli with a similar hip panache? Broccoli is the warmest vegetable, and the coolest.

Hear the story about how a small group of Yale students teamed up with a big advertising firm to create an innovative, funny ad campaign that pits broccoli against kale in an effort to get people to take a side, and really think about the appeal and importance of vegetables.

We also talk about the ways we can get people with limited economic means more access to affordable healthy food, proving that it's not too late to change our culture of unhealthy eating. While we're at it, we talk about clever ways to integrate broccoli into your meals.

For broccoli recipes, check out this collection on the City Seed (New Haven) site!

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