Brad Davis

May 10, 2011

“In the CPTV original documentary, "The 60s in Connecticut", producers spent over a hundred hours interviewing subjects for the film.  Since the documentary can only include small portions of each interview, we are making the full interviews available on-line.  The "60s in Connecticut" can be seen on CPTV.  

This interview with Brad Davis, radio personality and 60s television dance show host, was conducted in the fall of 2010. Interview Synopsis:
Brad Davis was an integral part of music and television culture in Connecticut in the 1960s. Between hosting a television dance program and becoming a radio personality Mr. Davis remembers the music and social changes of the 1960’s.

Brad Davis attributes much of his success to his mentor, Connecticut radio host Bob Steele. He shares his experiences working with Steele and what it was like to try to fill Steele’s shoes. “Talk about being in a prizefighter’s uniform—this guy was tough,” he says but explains that it was Steele’s strict rules that made the quality of his work and the work of those around him so great.

Davis’ television dance show, known  as “The Milk Show,” because of its CT  Dairy Farmers Association Sponsor,  was typical of television dance shows in the 1960’s. He featured local kids dancing to local bands. Brad Davis shares stories of getting nationally known artists like Chubby Checker  to come on his show.  In addition he remembers featuring up and coming CT bands, including a few that became national sensations such as the Carpenters.

Davis shares stories of being an advocate for racial tolerance as well as good music.    He speaks of everything from sports radio to mixed race couples dancing on his show.  He remembers the race riots and meeting Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   See Brad and many others in CPTV original documentary “The 60’s in Connecticut.”