Boughton to Run With Former Groton Mayor Somers

Jan 28, 2014

Mark Boughton and Heather Somers announce they're running as a ticket.
Credit Harriet Jones / WNPR

Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Boughton has announced his running mate, former Groton mayor Heather Somers.

"I see Groton as a microcosm of the state both demographically and socio-economically."
Heather Somers

Somers is still a council member in Groton. She's also an entrepreneur who started a successful medical devices business 15 years ago. She said her municipal experience will stand her in good stead for a statewide run.

"I see Groton as a microcosm of the state both demographically and socio-economically," Somers told a news conference. "I think the combination of setting a budget, dealing with the only town that has a military base... 30 percent of our students are military, so we're juggling a lot of different interests. I think being able to be successful there can only translate up in Hartford."

Announcing a running mate before being selected as the party's preferred candidate is unusual. But Boughton said the situation in the Republican race for Governor is fluid right now, "and it just made sense that we got started early," he said. "We're psyched and we're pumped up and we are ready to go. Why bother waiting? The times are so challenging, the issues are so important that we should be working together right now as a team."

One of Boughton's potential rivals for the GOP nomination, Greenwich businessman Tom Foley, said he'll make an announcement on his intention to run Wednesday.