Is Boston Fit to Carry the Olympic Torch?

We’ve spent a lot of time considering whether it’s a good idea to build a new minor league ballpark in Hartford to lure a team up the road from New Britain.  

There are plenty of questions about whether it would provide economic stimulus or jobs, whether it could spur other investment, or weather it might draw visitors to the city from outside.

The big number we keep hearing is the $60 million that the city has pledged to spend to make this happen. And the question: Would it be worth it?

That is a lot of money. But if you want to talk about a whole lot of money, consider whether it makes sense to host the Olympics.

This hour, a conversation about the Olympic dream. Is it worth it? As Boston throws its hat in the ring for the 2024 games, we talk to one of the city’s top sports columnists who says the idea is preposterous. We also hear from a London reporter who studied the 2012 games there, and from an NPR investigative reporter who covered the 2002 games in Salt Lake City.


  • Dan Shaughnessy - Sports columnist and Associate Editor at The Boston Globe
  • Howard Berkes - Correspondent for the NPR Investigations Unit 
  • Mark Perryman - Author of Why The Olympics Aren't Good For Us, And How They Can Be and Editor of London 2012: How was it for us?