Boston Billy: Get Out the Door and Start Running

Jun 28, 2013

Bill Rodgers is a running legend. The Wesleyan grad won multiple marathons in Boston and New York City. Not to mention competing on the U.S Olympic team in 1976.

Bill Rodgers is celebrated in Beantown where he won four Boston Marathons
Credit wallyg / Flickr Creative Commons

Today, he operates a running center in Boston. But he'll be joining other running greats this Sunday in Middletown for a Hartford Marathon Fundraiser. The inaugural Legends Run is a four mile race on the same roads he ran years ago as part of the school's cross country team. 

I got a chance to speak with him by phone and asked him why running is so popular? 

He says unlike other sports, running is inclusive. Anyone can start. But of course you gotta have the motivation to keep going. 

Here's advice from the legend himself:

Rodgers says he's a big believer in lifetime sports like bicycling, swimming, running or walking.  He says find the one that you love and do it.