Bob Garfield is Off the Media and On The Scramble

May 19, 2014

Bob Garfield.
Credit WNYC

Bob Garfield, host of WNYC's On The Media, kicks off this edition of The Scramble. Something tells us The New York Times' Jill Abramson saga isn't over...

Also, as of May 16, there have been over 500 reported cases of MERS-CoV, and approximately 163 people living on Arabian Peninsula have died from it. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control said the global tally has reached approximately 621 cases. How should we really be thinking about and handling this? Hartford Hospital's Dr. Jack Ross tells us the facts.

Republican Tom Foley won his party's nomination at its nominating convention at Mohegan Sun on Saturday. What else should we know? Kevin Rennie fills us in.

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  • Bob Garfield is the co-host of WNYC’s On the Media, and co-hosts Slate’s language program Lexicon Valley. He’s also been a columnist for over 30 years, and is the author of 5 books including most recently, Can’t Buy Me Like
  • Dr. Jack Ross is the Chief of Epidemiology at Hartford Hospital
  • Kevin Rennie is a political columnist for The Hartford Courant, and runs DailyRuctions.com