Blumenthal on Target Breach; Access Health CT Enrollment Surge; Malloy Remarks on Mental Health

Dec 23, 2013

Teri McCready.
Credit WNPR

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal is calling for an investigation into Target Corporation’s data security practices. Blumenthal sent a letter to the Federal Trade Commission following a massive security breach earlier this week. Personal credit and debit card information of up to 40 million Target customers may have been exposed.

In the letter, Blumenthal said that if Target failed to adequately and appropriately protect customers’ data, then the breach was not just a breach of security but also a breach of trust. He says the fact that the intrusion lasted for more than two weeks would suggest that Target’s procedures for detecting and halting any effort to steal customer data does not live up to a reasonable standard.

If Target failed to adequately protect customer information, Blumenthal says the retailer denied customers the protection that they rightly expect when a business collects personal information. Blumenthal is calling on the FTC to open an immediate investigation.

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Surge in Access Health CT Enrollments

Connecticut's health insurance marketplace is receiving a flurry of interest from people hoping to secure coverage by the first of the year. Staff at Access Health CT's New Britain office is expecting to enroll more than 100 people on Monday, the last day to sign up for coverage starting on January 1. Connecticut's deadline was midnight.

Access Health CT CEO Kevin Counihan said although the White House announced a 24-hour deadline extension today for individuals enrolling in healthcare coverage through healthcare.gov, it applies only to the federally facilitated marketplace. As a state-based marketplace, Access Health CT has established its own enrollment deadlines. Monday, December 23, remains the enrollment deadline for Connecticut residents who wish to have health care coverage effective January 1, 2014.

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Malloy Talks Mental Health

On WNPR's Where We Live on Monday, John Dankosky spoke with Governor Dannel Malloy about progress over the past year, and looked ahead to 2014. Governor Malloy gave his reaction to Connecticut state laws on mental health after the Sandy Hook school shootings -- mental issues as it pertains to Adam Lanza, given what we know about Lanza, which does not include specifics. Governor Malloy talked about whether he feels the social link between mental illness and violence is valid.

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