Blumenthal Co-Sponsors Veterans' Bill; Connecticut Has High Rate of Patient Restraint

Jun 2, 2014

U-S Senator Richard Blumenthal announced today that he’ll co-sponsor and help lead legislation with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders , that would give veterans facing delays the ability to seek private health care outside the VA.

Connecticut Has High Rate of Psychiatric Patient Restraint

Data released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services shows Connecticut hospitals restrain psychiatric patients at more than double the average national rate. Elderly patients face restraint at a rate seven times the national average.  Two psychiatric units at Bridgeport Hospital and Masonicare Health Center in Wallingford  have the 10th- and 12th-highest rates of restraint use.

First Lady At Rhode Island Electric Boat Plant

First Lady Michelle Obama was in Rhode Island today to participate in a keel-laying ceremony for a submarine that will become the USS Illinois. The First Lady spoke at Electric Boat's manufacturing plant in North Kingstown marking the start of construction on the 13th Virginia-class submarine.

Jamaicans Lead the State's Immigrant Population

Jamaicans are now the largest group of immigrants in Connecticut. Although there is a growing presence of Latinos, the 2010 data conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Fact Tank counts countries of birth, not ethnicity. There are nearly 17,900 Jamaicans living in the Greater Hartford area.

Veteran State Representative Dies 

Veteran state Rep. Lawrence Miller, of Stratford has died. Miller was an advocate for the environment, better housing and energy efficiency. His final legislative victory recently acknowledged Gustave Whitehead, of Bridgeport, as the first to succeed in powered air flight. Miller was 78.