Blumenthal Calls for Improved Veterans' Access to Care; Norwalk Bridge Inpsected

Jun 17, 2014

Senator Richard Blumenthal is calling on Washington to improve veterans’ access to medical care. Blumenthal sponsored a bill that passed the U.S. Senate last week and now heads to the house. This comes in response to growing controversy over delays in medical care at V-A facilities around the country. Blumenthal says the measure enables our heroes to seek healthcare outside of the VA.

Norwalk Walk Bridge Gets Inspection

A state task force is looking into some short-term possibilities for repairing the Norwalk walk bridge. The bridge was stuck open, twice, halting Metro-North service on June 6 with many commuters waited hours for buses or walked more than a mile to reach the other side of the bridge. A Short Term Action Team met in Norwalk on Monday to inspect the structure.

Smoking Ban for Railroad Stations and Platforms

The state DOT is making all railroad stations and platforms smoke-free. “No Smoking” signs are being posted at all 38 New Haven Line stations and all 9 stations on Shore Line East. DOT officials say all signs are expected to be posted by the end of the year.

Governor Malloy Signs Fracking Bill

Governor Dannel Malloy has signed a bill imposing a moratorium on bringing fracking waste into Connecticut. The moratorium will extend to at least July of 2017. In the meantime, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will draft regulations about what, if any, fracking waste can come to the state.

New DCF Policy to Remove Names from Child Abuse Registry

Controversy over a new Department of Children and Families policy. People listed on the Child Abuse and Neglect Registry now have a chance to have their names removed. The registry is consulted by school districts, bus companies, day care providers and DCF to screen potential employees. State Senator Michael McLachlan says the idea to remove names from the registry was originally presented by DCF as a bill earlier this year.  He says both the House and Senate chose not to take the bill up for a vote.