Bill Protecting Public's Right to Record Police Officers; Metro North Survey

Apr 14, 2014

Lawmakers are considering a proposal that would further protect the public’s right to record police officers. The bill has been pushed through the Judiciary Committee, which approved it two weeks ago. They’re awaiting waiting again for the Senate and House to act. Current law already allows people to record police from a safe distance, but the bill would take it a step further by allowing people to sue officers who interfere with the recording of their actions.

A survey conducted by the Commuter Action Group has found commuters report the biggest problems with Metro North were overcrowding and poor communication. Commuters cite the biggest issue was delays. Those delays were mostly due to problems on the rail line for most of last year. The derailments in Bridgeport and the Bronx caused Metro North to order trains to go slower in certain places. The Commuter Action Group is planning to conduct another survey at the close of Metro-North’s 100-day plan.

Transfer of Transgender Teen

Attorneys for the transgender juvenile at a Connecticut women's prison say the Department of Correction will not transfer the teen to Manson Correctional Institution, which is a male facility. The teen’s attorney, who is representing the teen in federal court, is working with the DOC on a plan that he hopes will be more rehabilitative, despite the fact the 16-year-old is in an adult correctional facility.

DOT Bus Corridor Campaign

The state Department of Transportation is preparing a campaign to outline the value of the 9.4-mile route called CTFastrak, which is a bus-only corridor in central Connecticut. The state is budgeting about $3 million for an 18- to 24-month campaign on radio, billboards, movie theater ads and the Internet. The state is paying $112 million of the roughly $570 million project—the federal government will cover the remainder.

Couric to Speak at Trinity College

Trinity College announced that award-winning journalist Katie Couric will be their speaker at the 188th Commencement on Sunday, May 18. Couric is the host of Katie, a daily daytime talk show and is also an anchor for Yahoo! News global. She is a devoted cancer research advocate, documentary film producer and author.