Bigos and the Big List: What We Endorsed on The Nose

Oct 18, 2013

Via Wikimedia
via Wikimedia

New York Times Connecticut restaurant critic Rand Cooper endorsed Staropolska in New Britain, where one can drink Bison Grass Vodka and eat bigos (pictured).

Mark Twain guy Jacques Lamarre endorsed the D.C. skewering "This Town" and Icelandic potboiler "Burial Rites."

I, Colin McEnroe, endorsed looking up your name and names of relatives on The Big List and a flavor of frozen yoghurt more addictive than crack. (It's the Blueberry Graham one, not the other one.) I also endorsed the performances of the (essentially amateur) Somali actors in "Captain Phillips."

And Irene Papoulis endorsed the autumnal sensuality of buying a beautiful, crisp, sweet bell pepper at a farm stand and eating it like an apple. Those Greeks! They live life to the tips of their dendrites!