Beyond The Five Families: A Look At Organized Crime's "Hidden Power"

Mar 10, 2017

It’s hard to read the word "mafia" and not be reminded of scenes from The Godfather or Casino.

But mafias infiltrate more than just movie plots and crime novels. Their presence is felt in states and societies across the globe.

It’s something James Cockayne writes about in his new book Hidden Power.

This hour, we sit down with the author. We learn about the growing -- though largely unseen -- influence of organized crime and discuss its long history here in New England.


  • Dr. James Cockayne - Head of the United Nations University Office in New York and author of several books, including Hidden Power: The Strategic Logic of Organized Crime
  • Tim White - Investigative reporter for WPRI-TV in Providence, Rhode Island and co-author of The Last Good Heist

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Chion Wolf contributed to this show, which originally aired on January 12, 2017.