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From Faith Middleton: There are last minute spring break getaways. You can find great hotel rooms in major cities. And locate cheap ski lift tickets.

Travel + Leisure magazine's Trip Doctor, Amy Farley, is a tipster to follow for cheap flights, seat changes, and the best online sources for all kinds of travel deals.

Farley's Trip Doctor advice is valuable because the magazine says it refuses to take freebies from the travel industry and its associated services.

We'll talk about:

When to use those miles you're piling up. Our expert says it's best to save them for the most expensive flights, around $500 and up. We'll talk about a study showing why.

If you and your pals want to rent a villa, we'll tell you how to select one online, and how to make sure it's real, not doctored. Sites for selecting a villa include FlipKey, TripAdvisor, VRBO and more.

One secret to getting an upgraded hotel room… use a hotel-branded credit card.

Some of the biggest travel trends:

  • more independent lounges in airports
  • shorter trips to the terminal
  • the use of smartphones as keycards so you can bypass the check-in desk
  • and soon new premium seating on JetBlue (will this hurt JetBlue's go-to image as the best-priced economy airline?)

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  • Amy Farley is Travel + Leisure magazine's Trip Doctor.


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