Being A Real-Life Superhero

Jan 26, 2012

OK, how many of you have at least thought or daydreamed about putting on a costume and fighting crime. Childhood doesn't count.

As a kid I had my whole superhero life planned down to the smallest details. I had figured out -- this is depressing -- that my secret lair would be inside a certain wooded hillside and I had worked out how my means of transportation, a kind of souped-up go-kart,  would emerge from the hill and roll out onto Braeburn Road as I headed off to do battle with evil.

But even as an adult, I've had moments when the whole thing seems a kind of appealing. You can't read as many comic books as I did as a kid and not have the whole idea imprinted on you.

Like 99.99999 percent of the people who have these ideas, I never act on them. Because that would be dangerous and silly. But there's a growing movement of people who are not deterred by either of those qualities. Get ready to meet them.

***Today's show was produced by Betsy Kaplan***

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