Being Pagan

May 16, 2011

In 1979, Margot Adler's book "Drawing Down the Moon" drew back the curtain on a highly developed and surprisingly well-populated world of of wiccans, covens, neopagans, goddess-worshipers, druids and even a group of people calling themselves "Radical faeries."

Adler brought with her the credibility of a well-known NPR reporter. The book both documented and touched off a time of exploration, mostly among Baby Boomers looking for a religious experience more connected to nature and less connected to male hierarchy.

My own initiation came mainly through a woman named India Blue, a Hartford writer-photographer, who, I think it could be said, was a wiccan before being a wiccan was cool.

In a series of radio interviews and private conversations, India helped me understand her version of wicca and even showed me a little bit of magic.

She died in a car accident in 2003. Today's show is dedicated to her.

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***This show originally aired on May 16th, 2010***