Ballpark Debate Makes For Interesting State Senate Politics

Jun 24, 2014

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra, Rock Cats Owner Josh Solomon, and Council President Shawn Wooden announce the deal earlier this month.
Credit Jeff Cohen / WNPR

It may be baseball season.

It's also political primary season.

When it comes to the ballpark in Hartford, two opposing candidates for state senate have two very different views. 

Two opposing candidates for state senate have two very different views.

Shawn Wooden, Hartford's city council president and an endorsed Democratic candidate for state senate, was on the steps of city hall the day the mayor told the state that he had the backing of the entire city council for the new minor league ballpark.

Since then, Wooden has said on WNPR, on TV, and in The Hartford Courant that the stadium is a good idea -- if done right.  

In the other corner: State Senator Eric Coleman has taken quite the opposite view. He's the incumbent Wooden is challenging. Early on, Coleman told WNPR that he couldn't support the deal on the table. Now, in the pages of the Courant, he's saying the deal is "not good for the people of Hartford, and it's not good for the region."

Game on.