Balancing Privacy & Security, Fate of the Office of Early Childhood, and Welcome Rick Perry?

Jun 12, 2013

Today, it’s another edition of “The Wheelhouse” - our weekly Wednesday wade into the news and politics. What’s on tap?

Well, your phone for one...Bill Curry and Glenn Sulmasy debate the NSA surveillance program and privacy vs. security.

We’ll clean up a few of the messes left behind after the state legislative session, including the spending cap that’s more of a spending “suggestion” - and the Office of Early Childhood that has funding, but doesn’t yet exist.

How could this be? Well, of course it has to do with bow hunting on Sundays. Jackie Rabe of the CT Mirror fills us in.

And...whatever happened to the great gun debate? As we near the six-month anniversary of the Newtown shootings, families and advocates are making another push for stricter gun control while Texas Governor Rick Perry is making a push for gun manufacturers to leave Connecticut for the Lone Star State.

As the Hartford Courant’s Dan Haar will tell us, our gun jobs are just one thing that Rick Perry’s after. The Texas Governor is bringing a swaggering new ad to Connecticut to tout his state’s “business-friendly” environment.