Backyard Wildlife

Feb 6, 2013

Wildlife of all kinds thrives in our verdant, wooded state. Most of us are used to seeing squirrels and possums, raccoons and turkeys, some of us even bears and many, many deer.

But what happens when those furry critters rummage through your garbage, scare your kids or even burrow across your neatly trimmed lawn?

Today, where we live - what happens when we get too close to wildlife, and it gets close to us. Do you encourage nature to visit your doorstep? Or do you have unwanted animal visitors where you live? What do you do about it?

Some say we’ve let nature go too far - while others welcome the wildlife. Authors Jim Sterba and James Barilla join us, along with Connecticut wildlife biologist Peter Good, to talk bears, squirrels, deer, raccoons, possums, birds, turkeys, and more.