Artists Call In: Straight From the Studio

Credit Kara Harms/flickr creative commons

No matter what kind of work artists do, each of them faces tension and release. The biggest challenge is beginning, of course, and yet once an artist takes a first step, release is the gift. Does that mean every work of art is satisfying? Sadly, no. But there is something confidence-building about accumulated beginnings, even the ones that end up in the trash.

Art is a mystery to those who don't do it, although many artists would say it's a mystery for them, too. While even elephants make paintings, and people will buy an elephant's work, creating good art takes serious thought, and skill. At least in humans.

Just as each artist's work is original in its way, an individual artist's work process is distinct. Some artists require quiet in their studios, while others blast music. No matter what the medium, every artist faces, in that first moment, a "blank canvas." While one artist might have a detailed plan in his or her mind, another artist begins and lets his or her unconscious lead the way. Art, then, is a blend of intellect and emotion.

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