The Art of the Audiobook

Aug 10, 2016

What makes a great audiobook? What makes a great audiobook narrator? (And, for that matter, what makes a not-so-great audiobook and audiobook narrator?)

How should a narrator handle accents? Children's voices? How should a female narrator do a male character's voice and vice versa?

Do you prefer your audiobooks as full-on productions with sound effects and music? Or would you rather someone would just sedately read the words into your earbuds?

And, this hour, we'll get to one, last, age-old question: If you've listened to an audio version of a book, have you read said book?


  • Michele Cobb - Publisher of AudioFile magazine, executive director of the Audio Publishers Association
  • William DeMeritt - Actor, writer, audiobook narrator
  • Hilary Eurich - Director of production at Tantor Media in Old Saybrook, Conn.
  • Tavia Gilbert - Performer, writer, producer, audiobook narrator

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Colin McEnroe, Greg Hill, and Chion Wolf contributed to this show.